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Sanpil Renovation is a comprehensive service to provide information about the current state of repair of buildings, in order to:

>Improve their state of repair
>Guarantee accessibility
>Improve their energy efficiency

This service falls within the "Building Renovation Incentivisation Programme” set in motion by the Spanish State Plan for Incentivisation of Housing Rental, Renovation, Regeneration and Urban Renewal, 2013-16, falling under the Spanish Ministry of Infrastructure’s Renovation Law. The services included in this package are:

>Building Evaluation Reports (Spanish document, IEE)
>Building improvement proposals
>Handling of grants and finance for Renovation work
>Renovation Projects, as required
>Renovation Work execution
Project Management

Project Management is a comprehensive service enabling the development of projects from the very earliest stages, beginning with feasibility studies and going right up to the marketing of the property itself, and including handling of the urban planning angle or the architectural design. This comprehensive service is based on the accumulation of more than 35 years’ experience and on the team of professionals and advisers working with the company. The services included in the package can be contracted as a whole or partially, according to the clients’ needs:

>Project feasibility study
>Work planning and team training
>Drawing up of projects for the new construction, renovation, refurbishment, etc...
>Project Management for building work
>Health and Safety Coordination
>Budgets and completion dates
>Technical, financial and administrative management for the construction
>Outsourcing for the execution of the building work itself
>Commercial and marketing management
>Interior design
>Delivery management and after sales

Sanpil Investment Plus is a comprehensive service aimed at financial and investment entities, enabling management of Property Assets, regardless of their state of repair. The services included in this package are:

>Management and valuation of property assets
>Sales Management of all types of Property Assets
>Feasibility studies for urban land, development land and rural land
>Preparation of state catalogues of Property Assets
Sanpil Rural

Sanpil Rural is a comprehensive service aimed at rural areas, both for private clients and for administrative bodies corresponding to those areas. The services included in this package are:

>Country property and rural land management
>Valuation of country property and rural land
>Measurements, partitions and consolidations of country property and rural land
>Preparation of planning stages for municipalities in rural areas:
  Municipal Land-Use Regulations, Zoning Plans, Project Schedules...
>Projects and construction of Agricultural and Industrial Buildings, Rural Complexes...